The Morality Police are Loosing thier Power

Is it a sign that the morality police are losing their grip when Mark Sanford, former governor of South Carolina, wins his Republican congressional primary and brings his hot Argentinian mistress to the victory press conference?

Sure Silvio Berlusconi is a conservative and a hopeless lecher, but that’s in Italy not South Carolina.

I really do think it’s a sign the sexual monogamy litmus test for Republicans is fading.

Does anyone remember Barach Obama came to run virtually unopposed for US Senate because someone in Obama’s campaign uncovered a document that said that his Republican opponent had once asked his wife to go to a swing club while on a trip to Holland?   That was enough to force the Republican out of the race and give Obama a walk to the US Senate.   

Now Sanford who ran off with is mistress while Governor of South Carolina, has won a Republican primary in the heart of the Bible belt.

 Yes things are changing.


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