MEPs to vote on EU ‘ban on all forms of pornography’

MEPs to vote on EU ‘ban on all forms of pornography’

Well, the anti-sex, anti-liberty forces are alive and well.

This chilling article not only cites EU efforts to censor ….well everything, the article also cites an EU call for curbs on press freedom when such liberty is deemed to be bad for society. 

The article cites that Iceland, under the guise of protecting women and children is considering importing Chinese style government internet filtering.

Make no mistake about it. The forces of Marxian totalitarianism are once more on the move and to efforts to control all thought and behavior did not go away when the Berlin wall fell.  Here at a my   university in the deep south of the US, I was taught in an international development course that individual human rights are a hindrance to progress and explicitly that the people in China can’t have full civil rights because there are just too many of them.  In a politics in education course I was explicitly told that the US Constitution’s grantee of individual rights of speech and assembly should be abolished so that the greater good can be accomplished. The forces of totalitarianism, “for the greater good” have many allies here in the US.

Don’t think for a second that this is all so removed your world. A stand against censorship and the erosion of individual rights must be taken by every generation lest it become the last to have such rights.


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